Three shareholders based company PROKOP RAIL a.s. a subsidiary of engineering company PROKOP, Inc., whose historical roots date back to 1870 when Mr. Josef Prokop started a small mechanical engineering plant and foundry in Pardubice for the production mills. 

The founding shareholders of the company have experience in the production and supply of rubber-metal crossing construction of the TMS Pardubice, which were available on the market in the years 1986 - 1999.


The company won the international fair of railway technology ŽELRAIL in Martin for his original technical solution completely disassembled double track railway crossing BRENS for any superstructure "Gold Medal". New and original technical solutions reinforced concrete crossing structure BRENS® on steel carriers is still the only fully detachable constructions applied for the construction transit railway corridors in the Czech Republic and are inserted into tracks with speeds up to 160 km/h. 

2001 - 2006 

The company changes ownership structure, which since 2001 is the majority owner Jan Eisenreich, the originator of protected industrial technical solutions, the trade mark owner BRENS®. In practice they are used three series of reinforced concrete constructions crossing:

ELSA/BRENS - light station pedestrians crossing and crossings;

BRENS - railway crossing for normal traffic

BRENS - SUPER - crossings for traffic with high intensity of heavy goods vehicles (HGV).

BRENS crossing structures are installed outside the Czech Republic in the network Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian Railways. The company successfully launched the plastic plates DIPLA PP, which forms a rigid overlay fasteners and creates a groove for rail flange and which find application in the Slovak Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Sweden. 

2006 - 2010 

The company expands its activities in the environmental responsibility of building railway and develops its own technical solutions for the reduction of noise and vibration from the rail. In 2010, presents the public premiere of its track noise absorbers BRENS ABSORBER on the exhibition CZECH RAILDAYS in Ostrava.  

A year later, on the exhibition ŽEL RAIL 2011 in Slovak Vrúty publishes a comprehensive solution design measures to reduce noise from railway SPEED WITH SILENCES, including low noise barriers BRENS BARRIER.

2011 - 2016 

The company further develops and supplies construction access surface BRENS ACCESS for newly constructed railroad track with new tunnels. In 2016, at the INNOTRANS 2016 in Berlin, world premiere railway noise absorber with water retention function BRENS STERED containing exclusively recycled materials (synthetic textile and rubber).


March 2017

The company establishes a subsidiary of BRENS NORTH AMERICA headquartered in Toronto, Canada

April 2017

The sole shareholder of the company PROKOP RAIL its founder, Jan Eisenreich, who changed the business name to BRENS EUROPE.

April 2018

The Slovak city of Košice became the first city in the world to use the rail noise absorber with  water retention function BRENS STERED with a surface made of artificial lawn and vegetation carpets for the modernization of tram tracks on the Urban boulevard SNP.

30 years of experience in the development and Implementation of new technologies for railway infrastructure, particularly in solutions for railway road crossings and railway track noise reduction, teamwork, courage and decisiveness were and are the basis of achievements. 

The company BRENS EUROPE, Inc. is ready with you further share in the implementation of bold new projects.