The installation BRENS absorbers in the city of Košice has started


On Tuesday, January 30th 2018, the installation of rail noise absorbers with a water retention function BRENS STERED was started as part of the modernization of the tram lines in the city of Košice, namely the SNP Class. The tramway is led in a separate center of the track and between the crossroads the water absorbers of the synthetic and rubber recycled materials will be inserted into the two tracks. The surface will be made up of vegetation cover from the SEDUM rows (as it was applied last year in Ostrava) as well as from the naturalized artificial lawn. In total, an 8,300-square-foot track, i.e. approximately in the length 1 185 m double track.

The city of Košice is the first city in the Slovak Republic to use rail noise absorbers with a water retention function to solve environmental liability for the construction of a railway track in urban areas.
In Košice, an average of 600-650 mm of rain water falls during the year. By controlled absorption in the absorber's parts the majority of the water is trapped and evaporated back into the city space, which cools, humidifies and at the same time dampens noise and reduces dustiness. This segment of the tram line absorbs during the year up to 430 thousand liter of water. Imagine the amount of water in 20 indoor garden pools measuring 3.00 x 6.00 m with a depth of approximately 1,20 m or 1/5 Olympic size pool.
From the point of view of the closed (non-waste) economy, in the production of the individual parts of the absorbers BRENS STERED was reprocessed and subsequently processed:

  • - 223 800 kg of synthetic textiles waste from the automotive industry, i.e. waste from production of approximately 74 600 new passenger cars.
  • - 366,583 kg of technical rubber waste, i.e. the controlled disposal of 52,370 pieces of used tires.

Michaela Eisenreichova

Link to video from Kosice website. Other photos on website Kosice-estranky.